The restaurant Gran Muralla was established in Girona in the year 1990, after his founder, Chi Tung Law, was opening another restaurant with the same name in Roses.

Since then, they have followed the philosophy of work, based in knowing that any plate it is necessary to cook it in the moment in order that it is in her point, and that the oriental cuisine yet demands more.

The spaces, agreeable and with an attention brightened in the decoration and the setting, have been lately an object of modifications of updating, everything with the aim to make the stay of the retainers more comfortable and agreeable.

The decoration of the place, with both differentiated spaces, they approach, one, more the Chinese setting, and other one, more generically Asian.

During all these years, Chi Tung Law and his team) with his constant work, they have obtained, with the quality of the plates, the agreeable treatment and the confortabilidad of the place, assure a clientele that, more than retainers, already are friends.

If you are not it already, we hoped to be able to tell them among them in the future immediate.